1.       LOL  (2-0) Back for more and back with their #1 ranked team of seasons past. Loaded with talent they will be tough to beat in the National League. A week 1 controversial win puts them on top for now.

2.       Assassins  (1-1) Week 1 put this team and LOL in a “who is the #1,” match but when either of these teams lose it’s the refs fault, so we will have to do it again in the post season come November!

3.       GBA  (2-0) Peaking in at the top 2 spots but not sure if they really want that action. The Comp champs from last season would like a repeat but this season it will take going through some elite teams to do lift the trophy again.

4.       Bad Intentions  (3-0) 3 solid wins to start the season. Typically, a comp level team, but right now they may scare the top teams. Player attendance and a revolving roster is what has kept this veteran core from breaking through. Maybe this fall is finally their season!

5.       Sin City Walk On’s (1-1) A team that is QB dependent if you ask them, but with that QB always at a 50% attendance rate maybe it’s time plan for Plan B for the postseason.

6.       Hybridz  (2-1) Who knows? Two weeks in and two completely different rosters with 20+ players signing waivers. Once they figure out who is on the team they will likely be a top team but until then, they will get heckled by the commissioner to wear jerseys that match and to not play with illegal players. A mid league ranking for now until the player personnel issue is resolved.

7.       2nd2None  (2-1) The Rec Champs of last season are looking to prove they belong playing the big boys. They have played well thus far and quite possibly deserve a higher ranking but we need to see just a bit more from them before we start saying the, “Elite” word.

8.       Desert Storm  (1-2) The same core group of guys that play hard but play to the level of their competition. Difficult to rank because they will barely beat a lower level rec team and then barely lose to one of the top 3 teams. So for now right about in the middle is where they belong until something changes.

9.       Wicked  (1-1) A 30 man roster week 1 dwindled down in week 2. Usually a rec team but so far they have shown they might have a good fall season. Some very tough matchups coming up the next 3 games so we will see what they are made of.

10.   War Machine  (1-1) A bad loss week 1 but an overtime win vs ATF was good but not impressive. Also a tough road ahead for this rec level team playing some top teams but it’s time to start separating the top from the bottom teams. Can you hang?

11.   ATF  (0-2) Another veteran team off to a not so great start in the win-loss columns, but both losses coming by 1 point tells us they are not far away from being (2-0) and near the top of the board. Attendance was an issue week 1 so hopefully that won’t be an issue moving forward as like the other bottom half the board, they also have a very rough schedule ahead of them.

12.   The Kings  (1-2) A new team with some good talent and speed but attendance was an issue week 2 compared to week 1. If the team all shows up they will surprise some veteran teams.

13.   Kaos  (0-2) A rough start for this veteran scrappy team and some top level teams on the schedule coming up so it will be tough to move up the board. We know they will not give up though and that’s what makes this team tough for any team to beat.

14.   Rumble  (0-3) Probably one of their worst starts in team history through two weeks but they will get things figured out and return to the form.  This summer they were rock solid in the comp level, so we expect them to climb back up the rankings. No sandbagging please!