Rankings through week 2:


1.       UFB  (2-0) Only allowing 7 points thus far and that was to the #4 ranked team. This team is poised to stay atop the rankings all season long. Offense isn’t too bad either.

2.       Mana  (3-0)  A nice start for this long time veteran team that plays a scrappy style. It’s got them undefeated thus far but a key season ending injury loss in week 1 to one of the leagues top rushers could take away this teams identity and we could see them slowly move down the board.

3.       Pirates  (2-0) The veteran of veteran teams off to a good start but a point win in week 2 over Shell Shock shows they can be beat and with a hefty schedule of top teams coming up it will be tough for them to stay in the top 5.

4.       Body Count  (1-1) A loss to #1 and a blowout win to a new team. Hard to say where this team is ranked just yet, but always a top tier team we expect them to be in the top 5 for much of the season.

5.       X-Factor  (1-1) A surprise win in week 2 to a perennial top 3 team in Sickwidit catapults this team to the top 5 through two weeks. It will be tough for this team to sustain this level of play but with a veteran QB anything can happen.

6.       Sickwidit  (1-1) Expected to be #2 through two weeks a drop with the loss in week 2. Attendance always an issue for this team that will surely show up come postseason.

7.       Havoc  (2-0) A really good win in week 1 and a solid win in week 2 puts this team a bit outside the top 5. Not because they don’t deserve to be in the top 5, but because they are not expected to be. A win week 4 versus Mana and they have earned the top 5 ranking.

8.       Rebelution  (1-1) Great win week 2..oh wait. Lethal Weapons were in Disneyland and gave you the forfeit win. It’s ok. We know who you are and while you will probably be near the top 5 by seasons end, the loss week 1 did not help your cause.

9.       Deadliest Catch  (1-1) This team is right about where we expect them to be most of the season. Not a top 5 team but also nowhere near the bottom. It will be interesting to see if they have one of there up or down seasons, because when they play well, they can compete with any team.

10.   Shell Shock  (1-1) A tough 1 point loss to the one-eyed Captain Morgan’s in week 2 probably ranked this team a few spots below where they belong. However, with one of the tougher schedules of any team on the season, they may stay right at this 10 spot for most of the Fall.  

11.   Lethal Weapons  (1-1) Shorthanded every week will be the test for the law enforcing team. Better call for back-up if you want to compete this season.

12.   Gamblers  (1-1) A new team but some familiar faces. Not sure exactly what to expect from this team yet for this season. A bad loss week 1 but a 1 point win over Kaos in week 2 places them just above. We will see how they fair this season with a favorable schedule.

13.   Kaos  (1-1) Football junkies as the only team taking advantage of the new rule and playing in both morning and night as a full team. This could gain them the experience they need or get them too tired to compete. Either way, you will have fun playing this team and their unique style of play. Expect them to move up the board before seasons end.

14.   Inglorious Flagsters  (1-1) A fun team to play against as they will knock you down but also help you up. They compete hard every play with whomever they play as evident in week 1 with only a 6-0 loss to the #3 ranked swashbucklers. This team is probably ranked too low, so expect them to move up the board through this fall season.

15.   Head Hunters  (0-3) The top ranked of the winless teams. A brutal schedule may have played a part in that going against #1, #2 and #7. The have been I along for a while now so we expect them to bounce back and get some wins to move them up the board.

16.   Wacky Quackies  (0-2) Mostly a new team but they have showed some style. Not too tough of a schedule ahead so there may be some wins in their future.

17.   Nights Watch  (0-2) Tough first two games versus veteran teams. Tough for any new team to compete with guys that have been playing flag for so long. But improvement in both games so they will have some wins this season.

18.   Bionics  (0-2) A core handful then the league added free agents so this is a team full of guys that have never played together before. It has shown so far but time is on their side as it’s a long season. Hang in there, guys!